Arthritis Friendly Kitchen Products

Hi. I’m Christina Marino and I love to cook. In the 1990s, I developed a severe recurrence of arthritis in my hands. I was attending a French culinary and pastry school at the time when I had a flare of juvenile arthritis. It was extremely difficult to lift heavy pots and pans. It was also difficult to grasp narrow metal pan handles that would get hot and need bulky hot pads to carry. Cooking no longer was enjoyable. I have always been trying to find Arthritis friendly kitchen products that would not cause problems with lifting or grasping.

Go to any kitchen cookware store and you will be overwhelmed with the varieties of materials, finishes, sizes and prices of cookware. The most important factor I consider is the weight of the pan and style of the handles. If you can’t even lift a pan, why bother to cook? I never found anything that was durable and lightweight that I could feel comfortable using in the kitchen without requiring assistance when cooking. This past year, I discovered the ManPans cookware line. This cookware offers features that will make any cook happy regardless of hand strength.

Arthritis and ManPans Cookware

Here are some reasons you will want to use these Arthritis friendly kitchen products:

  • The weight of the pans is amazingly light.
    It’s surprising how a 10″ frying pan can be picked up with minimal effort. Flipping foods in the frying pan is easy, too.
  • Arthritis friendly cookware with fat vented tubular handles

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    The pans have a fat vented tubular handle that does not get hot with stove top cooking.
    It is effortless to grasp and carry. This style of handle is very useful when turning the pan to pour food out of the saucepans such as draining pasta.

  • Lids are available that are glass and have an easy to use knob handle.
    You can watch foods cook in the pans without lifting the glass lid. The lids are safe up to 400 degrees in an oven.
  • Metal utensils do not injure the surface of the pan.
    The pans clean up easily using soap and water. Just don’t put them in the dishwasher.
  • The pans need low heat to cook.
    The heat is sustained in the pan and evenly cooks without hot spots. If necessary, the pans can be placed in the oven under a broiler up to 700 degrees.
  • The pans are made from anodized aluminum and have a nontoxic coating.
    There is no nonstick coating that comes off in bits and pieces. The pans are not completely nonstick and do need a small amount of oil. Food does not have an odd metallic taste as the sealant on the pan does not react with foods.

Physical therapists at a rehabilitation hospital tested ManPans Cookware

ManPans cookware was shown to rheumatologists and also to physical therapists at a rehabilitation hospital in Spokane, WA. These professionals work with patients who have limited strength and motion in their hands and wrists. They found these pans to be durable, lightweight, ergonomic, well designed and perfect for anyone with weakness. From personal experience, I know these pans are fabulous for weak hands.

Arthritis Friendly Cookware

I make the following recommendations of ManPans cookware if you have any kind of weakness in your hands.

  • Fry Pans that are Arthritis friendly kitchen productsThe 10” size wok, frying pan and sauté pan are light and are a good size for most cooking needs. An 8” size frying pan is nice for cooking eggs or making a small amount of food.
  • Sauce Pans that are Arthritis friendly kitchen productsThere are 2 quart and 3 quart wide sauce pans that are useful for soups, pasta, cooking rice and heating foods.
  • Twelve inch size pans and larger saucepans are available but the weight of the pans can be more challenging if you have any strength problems.

10 Inch Stir Fry Wok that is an Arthritis friendly kitchen product

These pans are not shiny copper pans that need lots of maintenance. The pans have an industrial look that makes you feel like you are getting serious with your cooking. I am back in the kitchen and love to cook with these pans. I recommend them to everybody. I have given pans as gifts and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. If you like to have cooking equipment that professionals use, you’ll love these… they’re made for restaurants and home chefs and are Arthritis friendly cookware.

Arthritis friendly kitchen products made in the USA

ManPans are an American made product.


“You will truly enjoy cooking with these pans.”



ManPans Arthritis Friendly Kitchen Products

Lightweight, handcrafted quality cookware
Heat proof handle, larger for easy grip
Easy to use, easy to clean!

10 Inch Stir Fry Wok

10 Inch Stir Fry Wok

10 Inch Fry Pan Skillet

10 Inch Fry Pan Skillet

10 Inch Saute Pan from ManPans

10 Inch Saute Pan

2 Quart Sauce Pan from ManPans

2 Quart Sauce Pan

3 Quart Sauce Pan from ManPans

3 Quart Sauce Pan

Cookware Sets from ManPans

Cookware Sets

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