ManPans Taste Testing Proves Neutral

Unsolicited reports were received from several reviewers and testers of ManPans® cookware. John Folse in Louisiana, Rick Powers at the Coeur d’Alene Resort, and line cooks at Noodles and Company, […]

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The Right Pan for the Job (Choose Wisely!)

Choose the right pan for the job.

The saute pan. The fry pan. The sauce pan. The cookware you choose is as important as the food you make–and it makes all the difference. Why is the saute […]

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Stir Fry Wok Review

The below product review is re-printed with permission of the original author – Amanda Formaro of Amanda’s Cookin‘ My New Favorite Pan: ManPans I make a lot of stir fry […]

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ManPans 6 Quart Sauce Pan and Steamer Insert

Have you heard of the new kid on the cookware block? The new star on the cooking scene? Well if you haven’t, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to MANPANS. Cool […]

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ManPans 12″ Stir Fry Wok & Steamer Set

Recently, the folks at Man Pans asked me if I would be willing to do a review of one of their pans here on C3. I did some research into […]

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This popular cookware review site ran our pan through the paces and gave an honest review. We couldn’t have said it better. “ManPan Stir Fry Wok Review – The […]

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