Cookware Made In The USA

When you unpack your first Manpan, you will be holding an American made product. The unique, leading edge design, finish and durability were created by our in-house engineers and built by a trained team of American workers.
We are proud to be in your kitchen.

Take a look at our manufacturing process:

Our process begins with understanding the science of cooking food and the attributes cookware needs to be successful with various types of recipes.

Products are designed as solutions by our engineers to be highly functional in your kitchen.

lathelightweight and rugged

Formed on a computer controlled spinning lathe, ManPans start with hard metal and are further work hardened in the forming process. Our pans are naturally light and lean, but they’ll stand up to a lifetime of hard use.

anolinestrong and durable

No need to baby these pans; anodizing creates an extremely hard surface that is totally inert. ManPans are so tough you can use metal utensils without leaving a scratch and go from hot stove top to hot oven never worrying about melting or fumes.

oventough-as-nails finish

Our coating is our proprietary formula that has been developed over the past 7-8 years by our engineers. Gem-X2 is a water-based, double-layer, quartz-like finish that is permanently bonded to our anodized pans.
PTFE free, PFOA free, toxin free.

handle-rivetcool grip handles the heat

Built to fit a man’s hand, the revolutionary all-metal Cool Grip handle stays comfortable on the stove top, then transfers right into your oven. The ergonomic design combined with the lightweight pan gives a balanced feel so you can concentrate on your recipe, not struggle with a heavy pan.

inspectManPans Craftsmanship

We are proud to craft such great products and sell them as made in the USA. Every pan is inspected with pride before being added to the shipping inventory.
Support American manufacturers by buying their quality products.
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