ManPans 6 Quart Sauce Pan and Steamer Insert

Have you heard of the new kid on the cookware block? The new star on the cooking scene? Well if you haven’t, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to MANPANS. Cool name, cooler pans ; ) You may remember them from our schweet little food ninja project we did a while back. You may have seen it making an appearance in my very first cooking video. Or you may have heard me on Twitter telling you about my newfound love for a PAN. Yes, it’s true I am in lurve with a PAN {and pretty sure you will be too}

ManPans sent me a 6 quart sauce pan to try out and that was the beginning of the end. The end of use of all of my other pans in my house that is {well okay maybe not all of them, I still use some of the smaller ones ; 0 that’s until I can stock up on more ManPans LOL} Yes, the other pans are collecting dust and are incredibly jealous. So much so, I have to keep my ManPan on the stove for fear they might gang up on him ; ) What, I told you I love this pan didn’t I!

Want to know why? Here are my top 1o Reasons I LURVE my {woo} ManPans 6 quart Sauce Pan…

1. It’s HOT! This pan gets smoking hot, lightning fast.
2. It’s LIGHT! Weighs next to nothing {but don’t let that fool ya}
3. It’s STRONG! It resists damage from metal utensils {which I tend to gravitate to & therefore ruin my regular pans…sigh}
4. It’s COOL! Yes, that curling iron looking handle keeps the heat in the PAN not on your hand ; )
5. It’s SLICK! Making cleanup a dream! You all know how much I hate to do dishes.
6. It’s GREEN! Yes that’s right, they’re eco friendly.
7. It’s TOUGH! That’s right, not just a pretty face, their Gem X2 coating system won’t chip, flake or rub off!
8. It’s STYLISH! So stylish it would make Johnny Appleseed proud ; )
9. It’s FRUGAL! ManPans are so effective at transferring heat you can turn the burner down saving energy & money ; ) My wallet appreciates that.
10. It’s FANTABULOUS! And helps bring out the rockstar food ninja in me {and you too!}

oh and they have a little thing called a LIFETIME WARRANTY…and a 30 day UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE… Now that’s putting your money where your mouth is!


Here’s the skinny on the 6 quart sauce pan

6 Quart Capacity, 12″ Pan
Wide bottom profile for maximum heat conduction
Rounded bottom edge for efficient stirring
Patent Pending Cool Grip Handle
Hard Anodized .080 Aluminum
Exceptional Durability
PTFE Free, Water-Based Release Coating: Gem-X2
Fast Cooking, Easy Clean Up
Heat Safe to 700 Degrees Fahrenheit

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