ManPans Features

The Right Pan

ManPans were designed by a team of top engineers and industry experts, crafted with pride in Spokane, Washington USA using high-tech, clean manufacturing and tested to approval by a number of top chefs.


ManPans don’t change the taste of your food like other pans do! Herbal notes stay bright, citrus and wine aren’t muddied, chile heat isn’t reduced to a single note. Taste the difference!


Dark anodized aluminum is a very efficient heat conductor so our pans transfer heat with little loss of energy. You can turn the heat down as much as 40% and still be able to hot sear or sauté. Use less energy!


Our pans feature a stick-resistant coating, Gem-X2, that will last a long time.  Although non-stick pans may offer a very slick surface, it does not last long, it typically has a petroleum polymer and you can taste the difference. ManPans can last a lifetime because if the stick-resistant coating loses it’s qualities after extended use, the pan can be recoated! You will never have to throw away a ManPan.


Our unique CoolGrip handle design minimizes the amount of heat that can be conducted from the hot pan. You can sauté or fry on the hottest temperatures and the handle will always be cool enough to handle without a hot pad.


Metal utensil safe! No PFOA or petrochemicals are used in our application and no PTFE is used in our coating.


A flat rim adds incredible strength to keeping the roundness of our pans. Even if dropped or abused on the stove, these pans will maintain their shape.


Gem-X2 is a two layer sapphire/quartz-like natural mineral finish permanently bonded to our tough aluminum pans. It will not flake, chip or rub off and is metal utensil safe. In fact the finish is so tough that you can rub a coin on the surface and not only will you not scratch the finish, the coin will get worn down!


We manufacture, anodize and finish all our pans in one US location so we save carbon by reducing transportation. Our anodizing process is very clean both in sewage and air quality and receives high marks from the Washington State Department of Ecology. Our finishing technology contains no petroleum products, no PFE or PFOA, is water based and completely non-reactive. From manufacturing to our finished product, we are truly embracing the most eco-friendly cookware available.


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