reviews our Stir Fry Wok

This popular cookware review site ran our pan through the paces and gave an honest review. We couldn’t have said it better.

“ManPan Stir Fry Wok Review – The Eco Friendly Cookware”

10″ Stir Fry Wok

“First Impressions…”

“As I lifted the pan out of the box I was surprised at how light it was. I am so used to cookware like All Clad and Cuisinart Multiclad where the clad bases make the pans feel solid and weighty.”

“Overall if you are looking for a green eco friendly pan that stir frys exceptionally well then we definitely recommend this pan. It’s strong but light, it looks good, feels good and does a beautiful job at generating the required amount of heat for cooking stir frys.”

Only-Cookware Review

“The environmentally conscious cook should take a look at ManPans.”

“This is a company that manufactures their cookware right here in the US and they pride themselves on the fact that their manufacturing methods reduce their carbon footprint.”


  1. Marietta L. Dunn says:

    My collection of manpans are a treasure. I cook with olive oil, after a year there is no residue on the pans, they clean easily, and the next time I’m ready to cook, the pan remains non-stick. My favorite pan is the large saucepan with the glass lid, it makes perfect rice, risotto, and soups. The handle feature is easy on my arthritic hands, I love this product.

    • ManPans Kitchen says:

      Keeping the surface of your pans clean is the key to long useful life and easy release. Food can build up over time and the best way to deep clean is with BarKeepers Friend.

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