The Right Pan for the Job (Choose Wisely!)

Choose the right pan for the job.

The saute pan. The fry pan. The sauce pan. The cookware you choose is as important as the food you make–and it makes all the difference. Why is the saute pan so flat and wide? What’s with the sloping sides of the fry pan? What can you do with the right sauce pan? There’s a reason each pan is designed differently, and the ManPans guide can tell you why, making you even more of an expert at the stove.

With the guide at your elbow whenever you’re in the kitchen, you’ll know when to simmer, when to saute, and when to brown. And you’ll be making sure your cook prep is always on-target and your meals hit the spot.

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  1. i am waiting and hoping for a meatloaf pan , the kind that is 2 pans in one with holes in the inside pan to keep grease drippings away from the finished meatloaf, I am so tired of the non stick coating pealing off the ones available out there now.

    • Jami, ManPans Customer Service says:

      Thank you for your interest in ManPans! You might check out the Oven Roasters under the Bakeware section. They include a perforated platform that sits in a solid pan on dimpled “feet” to allow any grease/drippings to fall away from the food and into the pan underneath. While they don’t have the sides of a loaf pan, you could try a “free-form” type loaf. We offer a few different styles/sizes of Oven Roasters. Happy Cooking!

    • I also have a nonstick cookware set and the cookware gets scratched easily. I want to replace them.

      • ManPans Kitchen says:

        Our coating is long lasting and metal utensil safe. In fact a metal spatula is recommended for use with fry and saute pans.

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